Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
Geochronology, 2, 93–99, 2020
Geochronology, 2, 93–99, 2020

Short communication/technical note 23 Apr 2020

Short communication/technical note | 23 Apr 2020

Technical note: Nikon–TRACKFlow, a new versatile microscope system for fission track analysis

Gerben Van Ranst et al.

Video supplement

Nikon-TRACKFlow demonstrations G. Van Ranst

Short summary
Nikon–TRACKFlow is a new system with dedicated modules for automated microscope control and imaging for fission track laboratories. It is based on the Nikon Eclipse Ni-E motorised upright microscope and embedded within Nikon NIS-Elements software. The system decouples image acquisition from analysis based on a number of automated user-friendly designs and protocols. Nikon–TRACKFlow aims to grow towards a high-throughput imaging system for Earth Sciences and other material-oriented sciences.