Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
Research article
18 Aug 2022
Research article |  | 18 Aug 2022

Combined linear-regression and Monte Carlo approach to modeling exposure age depth profiles

Yiran Wang and Michael E. Oskin

Model code and software

YiranWangYR/10BeLeastSquares: Combined Linear-Regression and Monte Carlo Approach to Modeling Exposure Age Depth Profiles-Matlab Code (v2.1) Yiran Wang

Short summary
When first introduced together with the depth profile technique to determine the surface exposure age, the linear inversion approach has suffered with the drawbacks of not incorporating erosion and muons into calculation. In this paper, we increase the accuracy and applicability of the linear inversion approach by fully considering surface erosion, muogenic production, and radioactive decay, while maintaining its advantage of being straightforward to determine an exposure age.