Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
Research article
15 Dec 2022
Research article |  | 15 Dec 2022

Constraining the aggradation mode of Pleistocene river deposits based on cosmogenic radionuclide depth profiling and numerical modelling

Nathan Vandermaelen, Koen Beerten, François Clapuyt, Marcus Christl, and Veerle Vanacker

Data sets

CRN Datasets and numerical modeling tools for geochronological study at geosite Hermans on the Campine Plateau N. Vandermaelen, K. Beerten, F. Clapuyt, M. Christl, and V. Vanacker

Model code and software

Repository hosting resources for numerical modelling of complex CRN accumulation history N. Vandermaelen, F. Clapuyt, and V. Vanacker

Short summary
We constrained deposition phases of fluvial sediments (NE Belgium) over the last 1 Myr with analysis and modelling of rare isotopes accumulation within sediments, occurring as a function of time and inverse function of depth. They allowed the determination of three superposed deposition phases and intercalated non-deposition periods of ~ 40 kyr each. These phases correspond to 20 % of the sediment age, which highlights the importance of considering deposition phase when dating fluvial sediments.