Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
Research article
28 Jan 2022
Research article |  | 28 Jan 2022

A 62 kyr geomagnetic palaeointensity record from the Taymyr Peninsula, Russian Arctic

Stephanie Scheidt, Matthias Lenz, Ramon Egli, Dominik Brill, Martin Klug, Karl Fabian, Marlene M. Lenz, Raphael Gromig, Janet Rethemeyer, Bernd Wagner, Grigory Federov, and Martin Melles

Data sets

Magnetic characterization and paleomagnetic analyses of lacustrine sediments from Levinson-Lessing Lake, Siberia Stephanie Scheidt, Ramon Egli, Christian Rolf, and Martin Melles

Short summary
Levinson-Lessing Lake in northern central Siberia provides an exceptional opportunity to study the evolution of the Earth's magnetic field in the Arctic. This is the first study carried out at the lake that focus on the palaeomagnetic record. It presents the relative palaeointensity and palaeosecular variation of the upper 38 m of sediment core Co1401, spanning ~62 kyr. A comparable high-resolution record of this time does not exist in the Eurasian Arctic.