Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
Geochronology, 4, 629–640, 2022
Geochronology, 4, 629–640, 2022
Research article
27 Oct 2022
Research article | 27 Oct 2022

A revised alpha-ejection correction calculation for (U–Th) ∕ He thermochronology dates of broken apatite crystals

John J. Y. He and Peter W. Reiners

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Helium diffusion systems
Short communication: Mechanism and prevention of irreversible trapping of atmospheric He during mineral crushing
Stephen E. Cox, Hayden B. D. Miller, Florian Hofmann, and Kenneth A. Farley
Geochronology, 4, 551–560,,, 2022
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Short communication: Modeling competing effects of cooling rate, grain size, and radiation damage in low-temperature thermochronometers
David M. Whipp, Dawn A. Kellett, Isabelle Coutand, and Richard A. Ketcham
Geochronology, 4, 143–152,,, 2022
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Cosmogenic 3He paleothermometry on post-LGM glacial bedrock within the central European Alps
Natacha Gribenski, Marissa M. Tremblay, Pierre G. Valla, Greg Balco, Benny Guralnik, and David L. Shuster
Geochronology Discuss.,,, 2022
Revised manuscript accepted for GChron
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Resolving the effects of 2-D versus 3-D grain measurements on apatite (U–Th) ∕ He age data and reproducibility
Emily H. G. Cooperdock, Richard A. Ketcham, and Daniel F. Stockli
Geochronology, 1, 17–41,,, 2019
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Apatite helium thermochronology is a method that dates the time at which a rock (and the apatite crystals contained within) cooled below a certain temperature by measuring radioactive parent isotopes (uranium and thorium) and daughter isotopes (helium). This paper proposes a revision to a commonly used calculation that corrects raw data to account for instances when the analyzed apatite crystals are fragmented. It demonstrates the improved accuracy and precision of the proposed revision.