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Research article
06 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 06 Sep 2022

Constraining the geothermal parameters of in situ Rb–Sr dating on Proterozoic shales and their subsequent applications

Darwinaji Subarkah, Angus L. Nixon, Monica Jimenez, Alan S. Collins, Morgan L. Blades, Juraj Farkaš, Sarah E. Gilbert, Simon Holford, and Amber Jarrett

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Calibration methods for laser ablation Rb–Sr geochronology: comparisons and recommendation based on NIST glass and natural reference materials
Stijn Glorie, Sarah E. Gilbert, Martin Hand, and Jarred C. Lloyd
Geochronology, 6, 21–36,,, 2024
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In situ Lu–Hf geochronology of calcite
Alexander Simpson, Stijn Glorie, Martin Hand, Carl Spandler, Sarah Gilbert, and Brad Cave
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Deformation recorded in polyhalite from evaporite detachments revealed by 40Ar ∕ 39Ar dating
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Technical note: Lithium isotopes in dolostone as a palaeo-environmental proxy – an experimental approach
Holly L. Taylor, Isaac J. Kell Duivestein, Juraj Farkas, Martin Dietzel, and Anthony Dosseto
Clim. Past, 15, 635–646,,, 2019
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Rapid recovery of Ediacaran oceans in the aftermath of the Marinoan glaciation
Anthony Dosseto, Holly L. Taylor, Juraj Farkaš, Grant M. Cox, Andrew Kingston, Andrew Lorrey, Alexander J. Corrick, and Bing Shen
Clim. Past Discuss.,,, 2018
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Late Neogene terrestrial climate reconstruction of the central Namib Desert derived by the combination of U–Pb silcrete and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating
Benedikt Ritter, Richard Albert, Aleksandr Rakipov, Frederik M. Van der Wateren, Tibor J. Dunai, and Axel Gerdes
Geochronology, 5, 433–450,,, 2023
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Examination of the accuracy of SHRIMP U–Pb geochronology based on samples dated by both SHRIMP and CA-TIMS
Charles W. Magee Jr., Simon Bodorkos, Christopher J. Lewis, James L. Crowley, Corey J. Wall, and Richard M. Friedman
Geochronology, 5, 1–19,,, 2023
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In situ U–Pb dating of 4 billion-year-old carbonates in the martian meteorite Allan Hills 84001
Romain Tartèse and Ian C. Lyon
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Short communication: On the potential use of materials with heterogeneously distributed parent and daughter isotopes as primary standards for non-U–Pb geochronological applications of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)
Daniil V. Popov
Geochronology, 4, 399–407,,, 2022
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In situ Lu–Hf geochronology of calcite
Alexander Simpson, Stijn Glorie, Martin Hand, Carl Spandler, Sarah Gilbert, and Brad Cave
Geochronology, 4, 353–372,,, 2022
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Advancements in technology have introduced new techniques to more quickly and cheaply date rocks with little sample preparation. A unique use of this method is to date shales and constrain when these rocks were first deposited. This approach can also time when such sequences were subsequently affected by heat or fluids after they were deposited. This is useful, as the formation of precious-metal-bearing systems or petroleum source rocks is commonly associated with such processes.